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Because it’s time for us all to stop, take a breath and listen.

I am a journalist who relishes giving voice to people’s stories.  I am a business owner, founder of an education non-profit, keynote speaker, wife, mother, daughter, dancer, sister and lover of life — and my country.  And like so many of you, it distresses me to see the deteriorating level of discourse in our democracy.  This podcast is my humble attempt to do something about it, one story at a time.

Some of my guests you will know; they’re famous for one thing or another.  Others you will not.  All of them will have interesting perspectives to share about their lives, their work, their goals, their concerns and their hopes for themselves and our nation — all in the context of the contentious times in which we live.

This podcast is not about politics, per se.  It is about finding a way to reclaim civility.  It is my fervent hope that by hearing the personal and professional stories of those you might consider “the other”, you will somehow see glimpses of yourself.  You will be reminded that there is so much more that unites us than divides us.  You will allow empathy to envelop you.  You will find a way to embrace our common humanity.Linda Headshot1 2018

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