Believe Your Eyes

“We cannot have a healthy, honest, loving, healing dialogue if people refuse to acknowledge that truth matters.” Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner has taken great risks to stand in her truth and challenges us all to do the same, for the sake of our collective future. Whether in the workplace, at home or in the public…

Loubel Galik

It’s usually in the first few words. A story either hits you — or it doesn’t. You decide to keep reading — or move on.

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Ruby Returns – An Update

“Mini”-Pod Episode with former guest Ruby Powers – OVM 11 (Feb 2019) Ruby Powers/ Powers Law Firm Read her bio here Original Podcast / OVM 11 – Ruby Powers (2/19/19) No one trained me for thisAug. 2, 2018No one trained me for what I am doing as an immigration attorney in the family separation crisis:…

Irene Greaves

If it’s true that babies aren’t born hating, that they’re taught to hate by adults — what would our world look like if we taught love in our schools?

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Zachary Barnett

Imagine you are diagnosed as HIV positive.  You feel every hope and dream you ever had for your life..come crashing down around you.

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Laura Wilkinson

“Life is like diving off a 30 foot platform. You can’t just stick your toe in the water. You have to dive in with both feet.”

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Ruby Powers

This award-winning immigration attorney shares personal and professional stories about one of the most divisive issues in America.

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Brice Everhart

It is central to the mission of Our Voices Matter to include a diverse group of voices, including those of our youth.  I can’t think of a better young man to represent his generation than  Brice Everhart.   Wise beyond his years, Brice is articulate, engaging and already a successful entrepreneur at the tender age of…