Darci McFerran

Associate Producer

An artist and globally minded humanitarian hoping to help make positive social change. My first love was theatre, at 13 I started taking classes and and then roles in community productions. My love of theatre, and performing on stage, have remained a steadfast influence in my professional and artistic choices. Everything I work on, and the talents and skills I’m able to bring to them, I owe to theatre.

Writing was not on my radar the first time I was published. A young woman with dreams of opening night and adoring fans, did not have time to write…rewrite and waste youth in a book. Ironically, it was my most gifted ability, and now the source of pride and confidence for the woman I have become and am still to be.

I found redemption, and self-worth in the years I worked in the non-profit sector. Philanthropy is not an option, but a part of daily life. It has given me a wealth of people and opportunities to grow and learn from. Assets I still utilize everyday, regardless of the task at hand, and Drawing on the varied skill sets I have acquired through each. I ventured onward seeking to learn the art, and business, of filmmaking. Hoping to grow as an artist and cultivate the storyteller, and whistleblower within my heart.