What’s Your Story?

If we can find a way to better understand each other’s experiences, perhaps we can find a way to respect and accept each other for who we are, even if we don’t agree. That’s the ultimate goal of this podcast.

With that in mind, what do you want the world to know about what it’s like to be you? Start by completing this sentence: “If you could walk in my shoes, I’d want you to know that________.” From there, take it wherever you’d like to go. Record yourself, audio or video, and upload here.

Watch this page for updates and details on how and when your story will be shared. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, just let us know when you send your audio recording.

We can’t wait to hear your story. Your Voice Matters.

#permission2speak #courage2listen

Tell us your story! Be specific about the details! Is it your story or someone else's? Who was affected and how did it change your perception of the world? Describe how it relates to current events or social discourse. Please explain why we should feature it on the show! Add any additional information you think would be relevant to us deciding to include it!
Please select the type of submission which applies to your story? All entries reviewed for eligibility.