What’s Your COVID-19 Story?

Photo Credit Engin Akyurt

This is an opportunity for you to share your perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it is having on your life. Do you have the virus and want to share your experience? Have you tried to get a test only to be turned away? Perhaps you’re on the front lines without proper PPE, or maybe you’re a business owner who’s had to lay off workers. Is there something you want our local and national leaders to hear that they aren’t paying attention to? Let’s use this platform to get their attention.

Fill out the form below and give us a snapshot of the message you’d like to get out. While we navigate our way through this crisis, Our Voices Matter will remain focused on sharing the stories that need to be told. The stories that honor your truth. The stories that remind us of our common humanity, and that the only way forward is together. 

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Please select the type of submission which applies to your story? All entries reviewed for eligibility.