Anything Is Possible

When 25 year-old Jilly Anais says anything is possible, she means it. And not just for herself; but for all of us. For our divided society. For our world.

Jilly is on a mission to live life to the fullest, with meaning, purpose and a whole lot of fun! Want proof? Just check out her Instagram. This social media influencer has more than 3.5 million followers across multiple platforms, showcasing her seemingly endless talent.

Singer – check. Model – check. Actor – check. Author – check. She achieved that most recent accomplishment at the age of 24, just like her superstar boyfriend, Deshaun Watson. Yes, that Deshaun Watson, as in quarterback for the Houston Texans.

Deshaun Watson & Jilly Anais

Jilly and I talk about all of it and then some — food, fashion, fitness and life in quarantine, as well as her perspective on race, social justice, protesting with George Floyd’s family and America’s future.

I’m so impressed with Jilly and many others of her generation. They exude hope and remind us all that, indeed, anything is possible.



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