Art Finds A Way

Even in the age of COVID and the relentless assault on civility, art finds a way. It finds a way to heal, to inspire, to engage and to elevate. It connects us to each other and reflects our common humanity, while it illuminates and captures the power of our stories.

My guest this week understands this at her very core. Jessica Green has dedicated her life to creating, collaborating on and sharing art. She led the famed Maysles Documentary Center in Harlem for ten years before taking on her current role as Artistic Director of the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. She is also the daughter of Ernest Green, one of the Little Rock Nine. Their story of integrating a high school in 1957 is highlighted in the acclaimed PBS series, “Eyes on the Prize.”

Jessica’s family connection to the civil rights movement helped inform and inspire her love of storytelling. She and her team are in constant search of stories yet to be told, determined to give them voice and their rightful place in our collective narrative. From Hong Kong to Nigeria and points in between, this year’s Houston Cinema Arts Festival features 40 such stories. The Festival kicks off November 12th and runs through the 22nd. Film buffs can watch online and at select Houston drive-in theaters. Click here to see the lineup and purchase tickets. There is literally something for everyone.

So, as we to muddle our way through COVID and post-election chaos, why not take a breath…and take a break to watch some beautiful films that reflect the breadth of what makes us human. To all of the artists who continue to remind us of our common humanity, thank you for always finding a way. Here’s my conversation with Jessica Green. Enjoy!


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