Bank Greenwood: Rising From the Ashes

This week’s podcast is an invitation to revisit an earlier interview after watching the brief video below. It stars actor and activist, Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), one of the driving forces behind Bank Greenwood.

The new mobile banking platform was inspired by the early 1900’s Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also known as Black Wall Street. The recirculation of Black wealth occurred all day, every day, and Black businesses thrived — until June 4, 1921. The Tulsa race massacre left Greenwood and all the Black wealth accumulated…in ruins. Bank Greenwood is a bold effort to rebuild that wealth, paying homage to Black Wall Street.


Last June I sat down with Reggie Turner, producer/director of the documentary, “Before They Die“. In the film, Reggie chronicles what happened to Black Wall Street on June 4th/5th in 1921, sharing the stories of those who survived. Our conversation took place on the 99th anniversary of the massacre, and one week after the murder of George Floyd. Watch or listen here.

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