Be Part of the Solution

Joseph Kopser – Be Part of the Solution

“This isn’t about being against Trump or for Trump; this is about saying ‘folks, this political theatre we’re in is dysfunctional. It helps no one.’” Joseph Kopser is all about being part of the solution. A U.S. Army veteran, successful entrepreneur and one-time candidate for Congress, Kopser is now heading up an Austin, Texas-based non-profit dedicated to creating a safe space where Americans don’t have to worry about being demonized because of their party affiliation. USTomorrow is working to increase civic engagement, build coalitions and reduce hyper-partisanship at a time when political divisions are driving dangerous wedges throughout all aspects of our society, not to mention today’s U.S. House of Representatives vote on the impeachment of President Trump. The challenge is to find the sweet spot where issues rather than partisanship take center stage. As you’ll see in my conversation with Kopser, he and his team are up to the challenge.

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