Black Women, White Women: Let’s Talk

What happens when Black women and white women get together and say, let’s talk? I mean brave, honest, real talk — about race.

My guests this week can tell you what happens because they’re living it. Every Thursday evening at 6pm CST, Tamara Johnson-Shealey and Jen Buck host a weekly conversation about race on the social audio app, Clubhouse.

White women and Black women who are giving each other permission to speak, and having the courage to listen — hopefully, with an open mind.

That question you’ve always been afraid to ask in “mixed company”? This is a place to have that brave talk about race, but only if you are willing to listen and receive the answer, which must always be offered with love and respect.

Jen and Tamara run a tight ship.

Emotions Run High

If you think it sometimes gets heated, you’re right.

Anger — check. Hurt — you bet. Confusion — for sure. And yes, there are tears. But often when the conversation has ended, there is a greater understanding of “the other” — and that’s the point.

That’s the work. Tamara and Jen are committed to doing that work.

Jen is a professional speaker and DEI trainer. She is white and lives in Arizona. Tamara is an activist and author who is running for the U.S. Senate. She is Black and lives in Georgia.

Honest Experiences Shared

Yes, they hail from high profile, hot-button states, politically speaking — and we do talk about that, in context. But it’s their focus on each woman’s experience during their Thursday night conversations that I was most eager to explore, because that’s the path toward empathy.

Time for Brave Talk

What happens when Black women and white women get together and say, let’s talk?

Brave, honest, real talk about race.

You know what else happens? Growth. Understanding. And Change.

Don’t you think it’s time?

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