Healthcare & the Divide

Elena Marks

“We are paying for the Care, not the Health.”  And that’s the problem, says Elena Marks, President and CEO of Episcopal Health Foundation.  In just about every poll that asks what Americans most care about when deciding who will get our vote, healthcare is at or near the top of the list.  It will most certainly be a major topic during next week’s Democratic Presidential debate here in Houston.  Although no one can argue that we don’t all need care to keep us healthy and able to live productive lives, how we get there remains the source of bitter, partisan debate, both inside and outside the halls of Congress.  The question is, what is the consequence of that divide when people’s lives literally hang in the balance.  Our guest in this week’s episode of Our Voices Matter has some striking insights to share from the trenches — on behalf of those whose voices too often remain in the shadows.

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