James Brown

Chief Encouragement Officer



James E. Brown Jr. has over 30 years of commercial leadership experience working for some of the world’s most innovative companies (Dow Chemical, Kraft Foods, General Electric, Hewlett Packard and Royal Dutch Shell). 

In June of 2016, James left his role as Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy, Brand, Corporate Communications and Business Development at Superior Energy Services. In this new role, James has created a new online platform focused on helping people to encourage the people they care about…to build stronger personal relationships – EncourageX.com. James believes everyone is going through something…and we all need a little encouragement along the way – personal, authentic and consistent. The new platform will be available for use by individuals and corporations in October 2018. 

Prior to his role at Superior, James served in various roles: Director of Marketing Strategy & Go-to- 

Market, Business Strategy & Planning Manager, Product Development Manager, Brand Strategist, Business Development Manager, Field Marketing Development Manager, Solutions Consultant and Distributor Sales Representative. 

James has a relentless focus on the diagnosis, design and implementation of effective communication tools, programs and campaigns. He believes that people are the most important asset in any organization – “The best leaders always find a way to get it done…with less money…and a lot of informal influence.” There are no bad teams…just bad leaders. 

James is a noted speaker and advisor related to brand development and design, organizational alignment, project management, and the relentless pursuit of clear, concise and consistent communication. 

James is a native of Chicago, IL. He attended the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN, where he received an undergraduate degree in business management. He later attended Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business in Evanston, IL, where he earned three masters degrees: Marketing, Strategy and Organizational Behavior. 

James is married to Michelle Riley-Brown, Executive Vice President of Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX. He and Michelle have one daughter, age 9, Sarah Elizabeth Riley Brown 


• Executive Communications (Employee, Customer, Investors) 

• Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Design, Go-to-Market 

• Project Management and Stakeholder Change Management 

• Business and Marketing Planning and Implementation 

• Digital Marketing and Integrated Marketing Campaigns 

• Customer Sensing and Experience Mapping 

• Marketing Strategy and Sales Planning and Coaching 

• Market Research, Analysis and Insight Development