Mathew Knowles

Founder of Music World Entertainment/ Father of Beyonce and Solange
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From surviving racism and segregation in rural Alabama, to accomplishing a series of “firsts” in corporate America, to launching the career of a music icon, it’s been quite a journey for Mathew Knowles. Like most journeys, there have been twists and turns and lots of bumps along the way. To many who don’t know him, he’s simply Beyonce’s dad. But he is so much more than that. He’s also the proud father of Solange, a successful recording artist in her own right, a music mogul who has helped shape the careers of numerous artists, and the driving force behind legendary girl group, Destiny’s Child. During this episode, he breaks the news that there will soon be a Destiny’s Child musical headed for Broadway. What else is he up to these days? Plenty. Here’s my conversation with the man behind the music .

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