No Pride on Re-Entry

Part 2: Bill Balleza

“There was no pride on reentry.”  It wasn’t until his News Director sent him to visit the Viet Nam Memorial that KPRC news anchor Bill Balleza started feeling safe enough to come out of the shadows and reveal his military service.  For too many years, he and thousands of his brothers felt like “the other”. Is there a time in your life when you felt ostracized and afraid to own your story? What made you come out of the shadows, or are you still living there? “It’s a process,” says Bill in part 2 of an intimate conversation with my former co-anchor. We explore that dark time in our nation’s history and his role in it, unearthing emotions he didn’t realize were there. Listen or watch, then engage with us about your story.

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  1. Sandra McShan says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences in Vietnam. God bless you for your sacrifice and service.

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