No Pride On Reentry

No Pride On Reentry

Earlier this week, our nation paused to remember and give thanks for the millions of Veterans, past and present, whose service and sacrifice keep us free.  I am honored to have shared an anchor desk with one such Veteran, KPRC-TV’s Bill Balleza.  A few months ago Bill and I sat down in what turned out to be his first ever in-depth interview after nearly 50 years in journalism.  When the conversation turned toward his service in Viet Nam, the resulting emotions took us both by surprise.  That episode, “No Pride On Reentry”, is one of our most popular.  In honor of Veteran’s Day and Bill’s recently announced retirement in January 2020, we thought it appropriate to share this episode again, for those of you who might have missed it the first time around.  To Bill and all of America’s Veterans, from a grateful nation, thank you for your service.

Listen to No Pride on Re-Entry

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