Pandemic Inside a Pandemic

Pandemic Inside a Pandemic with Guest Indrani Goradia

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COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. Wash your hands. Self-quarantine. Stay home, where the assumption is you are safe. From the virus. Not your abuser.

As of this writing the Coronavirus pandemic is in approximately 110 countries. Domestic violence is in every single country, and has been, long before the virus upended our lives. “It’s been a pandemic for decades,” says Indrani Goradia. “And now we have a pandemic inside a pandemic.”

Goradia grew up in a household where she says “violence was as free as breath.” This author, life coach and TEDx Talk speaker has devoted her life to eradicating violence against women and girls. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Goradia is calling our attention to a population of our fellow citizens who are not only fighting the novel coronavirus, they are fighting the abusers with whom they are sheltering in place. What should they do to survive? What should you say if a victim reaches out to you? Goradia uses her personal experience and professional expertise to offer guidance during this dangerous time of uncertainty.

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