Rob Fersh

When I first met Rob Fersh, little did he know that he wouldn’t be able to get rid of me!  I was invited to attend a Houston reception introducing his Washington, DC-based organization,  Convergence Center for Policy Resolution.  The mission resonated with me so deeply that I sat myself next to him at dinner and talked his ear off for at least a couple of hours.  I need to introduce you to this person, I said, and have you ever heard of this organization?  You will definitely have synergy with them!  Little did I know that Rob would carefully and quickly cultivate my interest into not only advocating for Convergence,  but literally jumping in with both feet.  I am now a proud Board member!  I wholeheartedly believe I can make a positive contribution to our democracy and our civil discourse by lending my time, talent and resources to this organization that is making waves on Capitol Hill and making a nationwide impact on those who engage in the Convergence process.  So what is that process and what are the tangible results?  What can we learn from the Convergence model about how to talk to, listen to and find common ground with each other?   These questions are just the appetizers in a full course conversation with Rob Fersh, Founder of Convergence, and a man dedicated to ensuring that every voice is heard.  Enjoy!

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