Walk With Purpose

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Walk With Purpose

Toni Harrison was raised to walk with purpose. As the Chief Marketing Officer of a new fin tech company, she is doing just that — on a mission to help solve the racial wealth gap.

She’s the proud granddaughter of a civil rights activist who helped bring Texas Southern University to Houston. Her father, Charles “Tex” Harrison, was an OG of the famed Harlem Globetrotters — his consolation prize for being denied a shot at the NBA.

The self-described “creative disruptor” is now making her own mark. As CMO of Fair Fintech, Toni is using her considerable communication skills to help solve the racial and opportunity wealth gap.

An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse

The CEO of the new firm, Khalid Parekh, was well aware of Toni’s award-winning PR campaigns and strategies . He was her client at Etched Communication, the agency she founded, along with global powerhouses Pepsi, Polaris and McDonald’s.

Toni’s expertise in the diversity and multicultural space is exactly what Parekh was looking for to help put the first multilingual neobank on the map.

So, when he started Fair, he made Toni an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Purpose and Intention

For Toni, it’s all about purpose and intention. It’s about bringing her personal perspective to the table, even when it’s painful.

I’m always grateful when a guest is willing to “go there”. Because that’s where growth happens. And that is what Our Voices Matter podcast is all about. Sharing the stories that help remind us of our common humanity.

So, thank you, Toni, for being open and vulnerable and showing us what it looks like to walk with purpose.

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