The Presumption of Good Intentions

Seems like a no-brainer.  People are at the core of every business.  So it just makes good sense to “Take Care of Your People”.  That is the mantra of Paul Sarvadi, CEO of Insperity.  It is also the title of his new book that chronicles his company’s rise from laying the groundwork for an industry that didn’t exist — HR outsourcing — to international powerhouse with $3.3 billion in revenues.  And it’s all about the people. 

Great.  Fantastic.  But since people are human and humans disagree, how does this CEO lead his team to navigate those disagreements in the workplace, particularly as the divisions in America grow wider?  Paul has an answer for that and much more during our wide-ranging conversation that touches on family, faith, company culture, the economic outlook and overcoming challenges while keeping your eye on the ball.  After 33 years in the business, Paul Sarvadi is just getting started.  And so is our conversation.  Enjoy!

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