The Backside of the Tapestry

The Backside of the Tapestry with Guest Dr. Marcia Brennan

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The intersection of art, history, medicine, society and culture can teach us a lot. Especially in the midst of crisis. Especially if we ask the right questions.

What will it take for us to come together? In whose interest is it for us to come together? In whose interest is it for us to remain divided? Provocative questions posed by Dr. Marcia Brennan, Modernist Art Historian and Professor of Humanities at Rice University.

In the few days between our scheduled interview and the time we sat down, America went from two crises — COVID and the economy — to three — the brutal murder of George Floyd and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests. Dr. Brennan and I had a lot to cover. Layer on top of that her work as an Artist in Residence with end of life patients at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and our conversation grows richer.

Where are the connections? What can we learn? As you’ll see in a poignant story she shares, it all comes together like The Backside of the Tapestry.

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