The Intersection of Activism and Joy

BWM West
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The Intersection of Activism and Joy

My guest this week takes us on a journey that leads to the intersection of activism and joy. And what a wonderful ride it is!

The journey unfolds in the pages of Karen Walrond’s new book, “The Lightmaker’s Manifesto: How to Work for Change Without Losing Your Joy”.

Our guide is the author herself, who is also an activist, speaker, leadership coach and photographer extraordinaire.

Tips and Tools for Activists

If you’re like me, when you think of the word “activist”, the next word that comes to mind probably isn’t “joy.” But reading Karen’s latest book changed my perspective and opened my mind to new possibilities.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we explore how the book came to life and why it is resonating with so many at this moment.

She reflects on her personal backstory and how her Trinidadian heritage informs her life and current work as an activist.

That work now includes a new role at the BrenĂ© Brown Education and Research Group. Karen’s good friend, BrenĂ©, recently tapped her to be the Senior Director of Global Engagement for the organization.

And for all you activists out there, I’ve got you. We can all use a bit of advice to implement our strategies for making the world a better place.

So I asked Karen to offer a few tips and tools to help you find and maintain your joy in the midst of the struggle.

Bright Life. Big Heart. Can’t Lose.

Bright Life. Big Heart. Can’t Lose. Each year, Karen chooses a word or phrase to guide her.

Bright Life, Big Heart, Can’t Lose is this year’s guidepost. Something she calls upon to navigate the twists and turns that inevitably come her way.

Listen as Karen connects her truth to her values.

Allow yourself to be inspired.

Then go out and help change the world.

I’ll see you at the intersection of activism and joy.

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