When The Virus Takes a Loved One

When The Virus Takes a Loved One
Guest, James T. Campbell

1. 125. 61,000 and rising. Each number representing a precious life lost. When The Virus takes a loved one, what happens next? How does one grieve through quarantine? How is a life celebrated when social distancing is in effect? How does a family come to grips with death in the age of COVID-19?

They weren’t ready to say goodbye. The 88-year old beloved husband, father of 5 and grandfather/great-grandfather of 34, had a lot of life yet to live. More church services and birthday parties to celebrate. More family outings to enjoy. More baseball and football games to attend with his only son and namesake. In this week’s episode, James T. Campbell, a Blue Cross Blue Shield executive and former journalist at the Houston Chronicle, shares his deeply personal journey, saying goodbye to his father, James C. Campbell.

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