A Simple Gathering to Help Bridge Our Divides: An Update on Neighbor’s Table

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A Simple Gathering to Help Bridge Our Divides: An Update on Neighbor’s Table

I was on vacation recently with a group of friends and, without a doubt, the best memories were created gathered around the table.  

There’s something magical about sharing food and conversation, sitting shoulder to shoulder.  And no one understands that better than this week’s return guest, the founder of Neighbor’s Table.

I first met and interviewed Sarah Harmeyer in the fall of 2019.

A lot has happened since then.


Being interviewed for the book, “Together” by America’s Surgeon General.

Becoming caretaker for her dad.

And through it all, personally delivering another 200 custom built tables to families across the U.S.

Our Need to Connect

Neighbor’s Tables are now in 37 states.

And this year is set to be the best ever since Sarah launched her love mission back in 2012. The company has doubled in size.

Perhaps not surprising as Covid lockdowns forced a reset and revealed our urgent need to connect face to face, rather than screen to screen.

So this self-proclaimed people gatherer continues to gather people from all walks of life and share their stories of finding common ground — around a table.

As Sarah puts it, “it’s extraordinary, and it’s so ordinary at the same time.”

A Dose of Hope

I wanted to check in with Sarah for a few reasons:

  1. To get an update on the impact of Neighbor’s Table as more communities across the country become part of her love mission;
  2. To encourage her to keep going (her goal is to have tables in all 50 states!);
  3. Because we can all use a dose of hope.

Sarah asks what gives me hope in Switch It Up, so be sure and listen until the end of our conversation. I’m really starting to enjoy this new segment where I switch places with my guest!

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