Why Trust is Pivotal to Elections, Immigration and Saving Our Democracy

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Why Trust is Pivotal to Elections, Immigration and Saving Our Democracy

The midterm elections are less than 30 days away.

Before ballots are cast, some already cast doubt about the eventual outcome.

There’s a growing crisis at our southern border.

Not to mention growing distrust of our institutions, our systems and our leaders.

Yet, our guest this week remains hopeful about our future. Why?

“Because as long as we have liberals and conservatives saying we need to make sure that we as a country can elect people in a free and fair way, and that we as a people can trust those elections, I think as long as that debate is happening, I am hopeful. As soon as that debate is over, I think we’re in trouble.”

So let’s keep the debate going with Ali Noorani, as we kick off Season Five of Our Voices Matter Podcast.

Intersection of Immigration and Democracy

Ali is the Program Director for US Democracy at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, a role he took on in July of 2022. 

Before that, he served 14 years as President & Chief Executive Officer of the National Immigration Forum where he was notable for his creative coalition building — working with and bringing together unlikely allies to promote the value of immigration.

He’s authored two books on immigration, “There Goes the Neighborhood” and his new book, “Crossing Borders”.

Our conversation explores what he has learned working and leading at the intersection of two critical issues facing our nation — immigration and the future of our democracy.

And the word that kept coming up is “trust”.

Ali shares some approaches that work in developing this elusive commodity that can help keep the very real, existential threat to our democracy at bay.

Switch It Up

And then, we lighten up and Switch It Up — a little something different as we begin our new season.

For the last few minutes of each episode, the guest takes the lead, and I answer the questions.

And yes — they can ask me anything.

Not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but hey, why not?!

So, here we go. Welcome to Season Five of Our Voices Matter Podcast!

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