Afghanistan: An Insider’s Look

Today’s episode provides an insider’s look at the rapidly unfolding tragedy in Afghanistan. My guests: an Arab journalist and documentary film producer focused on jihadism, and a former recruiter for Al Qaeda.

Nihad Jariri
Jesse Morton

My conversation with Nihad Jariri and Jesse Morton took place on Saturday, August 21st. This was six days after the Taliban took control of Kabul and five days before ISIS-K unleashed two suicide bombs at the Kabul airport and adjacent hotel.

We spoke in a room on Clubhouse where more than 900 people from across the globe listened in. A few got to ask a question. Denise Hamilton, CEO of WatchHerWork and my good friend, joined me as co-moderator.

As the Taliban took control of Kabul, I was filled with questions, like many of you.

What’s Next?

For this conversation, we called upon the unique perspectives of our guests to provide an insider’s look at what is likely to happen next from these vantage points:

How are terrorists planning to use the fall of Afghanistan for their benefit?

What is already happening, or is likely to happen to women and girls?

And how might control under the Taliban today differ from its control before the war?

Nihad had just returned to Jordan after spending several weeks in Kabul. She got out just in time.

Jesse was an architect of Al Qaeda’s slick marketing videos in its early days. He now helps fight extremism, using his insider’s understanding of how terrorist groups operate.

To learn more about Jesse’s fascinating backstory, check out my first interview with him in 2019.

After yesterday’s (August 26th) bombings in Kabul I reached out to Nihad. She has friends in Afghanistan who are trying to get out.

Sadly, a friend of her friend was killed.

So much suffering. So many questions.

Thank you for listening as we all search for answers.

Want to Help?

Check out this Quick Guide to Support Afghan Women, including resources that help people navigate visas/immigration, resettlement, donations and advocacy. 

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