Life After the Olympics

Life After the Olympics

Yes, Simone Biles, there is life after the Olympics. Life after years of dedication to one goal. Life after pushing your body and your mind to the limit.

And yes, you are “more than your accomplishments and your sport“.

Just ask Laura Wilkinson.

The 3-time Olympian and Olympic gold medal-winning diver is still inspiring us more than 20 years after standing on the podium.

Incredibly, she competed at the 2020 Olympic trials as a 43 year-old mom of four. Inspirational for sure. But that’s not the half of it.

It’s how she has charted her post-Olympics path that impresses and inspires at every turn.

The wisdom she shared with the Our Voices Matter Podcast audience a couple of years ago rings even more true today.

So, as we wind down from this year’s Olympics, enjoy this encore presentation of my conversation with Laura.

You will see that, indeed, one can build a rich and meaningful life after the Olympics.

And Simone, Laura and I, all of your fellow Houstonians, and millions of fans around the globe, are supporting and cheering you on!


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