Candle Queen

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Candle Queen

Call her the Candle Queen who’s shining a light and sharing the stories of amazing women!

Ianthe Mauro is fluent in the language of candles. Whatever the shape or scent, candles are a perfect metaphor for what Ianthe is all about — bringing light and love to our troubled world.

Sound familiar? It’s one of the mantras of this podcast and all of the content I create. No wonder I felt an instant connection to Ianthe the moment I heard her voice in a room on Clubhouse.

Our conversation here runs the gamut — from a life-changing diagnosis, to lessons learned from being “othered” to embracing her purpose in life.

That purpose centers around her passion for making eco-friendly, luxury, custom candles and mentoring women who share that same passion.

Ianthe’s newly launched company is Candle Discovery Box. With every order you, of course, receive a beautiful, hand-crafted candle, but you also get to “Meet the Maker”. Who is the woman who so lovingly poured this candle, and what is her story?

Sharing the stories and mentoring the women is all part of Ianthe’s mission of dynamic disruption — creating opportunities for women where they previously didn’t exist. Many started their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ianthe calls them her “Candle Queens”, so I guess that makes her the Queen Mother! Light your favorite candle, kick back and feel your stress melt away as Ianthe and I take you on a journey filled with light and love.


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