Here’s What I’m Thinking…

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Here’s What I’m Thinking…

It’s almost time for our new season, so I thought I’d try something a little different. “Here’s What I’m Thinking”.

It’s time to put myself on the hot seat and share whatever’s on my mind. Every now and then, perhaps once a month, I will take off my journalist’s hat and allow myself to be part of the story. Click on Ask Me Anything, tell me what you think, and we’ll take it from there.

This week, “Here’s What I’m Thinking” about Mental Health.

It’s an important topic that often brings out the bullies, even in the media.

It’s way past time to normalize conversations around something that is essential to our wellbeing as humans. I’m honored to have recently participated in one such effort.

Mental Health & Wellness in the Music Industry

When The Music Stops is a San Francisco-based non profit and community that supports emotional and mental health through music, connection and love. Joshua Donaldson is the founder and a music industry veteran whose personal story is the driving force behind the effort. Check out my interviews with him here, and here.

Josh and his team organized and pulled off a spectacular mental health summit last weekend in San Francisco. I listened, learned and made new friends, some of whom you will meet in the next season of the podcast.

I also got to moderate a panel discussion entitled “Mental Health and Wellness in the Music Industry”. The vulnerability of each panelist blew me away as they courageously opened up and shared themselves with the audience. It was the kind of conversation that has the power to impact on a profound level, imparting a simple, yet life-saving message: You Are Not Alone.

All of the conversations that day affected me on such a deep level that I wanted to share it with you. So, here’s what I’m thinking about mental health.

By the way, that’s my kitten, Linus, in the photos above. He’ll be making regular appearances during this new segment!


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