Changing Corporate Culture

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Changing Corporate Culture

What does it take to change corporate culture? It’s a question countless corporations are asking as diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging take center stage.

This week, my guest and I explore this topic from multiple perspectives.

Allie Danziger is a whip smart, young entrepreneur whose insight is gleaned from her experience in the world of internships — and the C-Suite.

Allie had eight internships under her belt by the time she graduated from UT-Austin in 2007. She started her first business at age 24.

Integrate was one of the first agencies in Texas that specialized in this new thing called social media.

After growing that business, Danziger sold it and started a new one. During the pandemic.

Enter Ampersand Professionals. The company is on a mission to democratize access to that first, hard-to-get internship. Often an important stepping stone to a successful career.

And because the company concentrates on eliminating barriers to include those often left behind, Ampersand is also building diversity in corporations of all sizes.

Embracing “The Other”

Danziger and her team have a front row seat to current changes in corporate culture.

However slow it might be, Danziger says smart companies are embracing change.

Because they realize if they don’t, employees will walk out the door.

“Culture no longer means a ping pong table and beer at 4 o’clock on Fridays, right?,” says Danziger. “Culture now means a place where I can show up and be myself and be respected no matter what “other” I’m coming from.”

Changing Corporate Mindset

That changing corporate mindset now extends to the recruitment of entry level talent and the desire for more diversity. And that is Ampersand’s sweet spot.

A new crop of graduates is about to enter the workforce.

If you’re in that category, Allie offers some valuable perspective as you embark upon your new life as a young professional.

Wherever the journey takes you, it will help to remember this. The stepping stones on your path to success are part of a changing corporate culture that is also seeking to find its way.

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