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America Talks

As I write this on April 21, 2022, America Talks is underway. Americans with different backgrounds and beliefs are firing up their computers, turning on their cameras and talking to each other, face-to-face.

On purpose. And with a purpose.

Creating connections to build bridges across our divides, find a path forward, and remind us of our common humanity.

Talking and Listening

My guests this week personify how the simple, yet courageous acts of talking and listening, are a key part of the solution to our country’s challenges.

Joan Blades is a liberal icon. She co-founded MoveOn. org, the champion of progressive values.

John Gable is a a former Republican operative and once worked for three Senate majority leaders, including the current one.

On the surface, there’s no way these two could be friends.

But a funny thing happened on a walk in the parking lot: they discovered they care about the same things. What they didn’t agree on was a path to get there.

But that didn’t stop them. And the next thing you know, a friendship was born.

Their walks are now weekly. They routinely seek each other’s perspectives on all sorts of issues.

And they are working together to help bridge our country’s divides.

Living Room Conversations, the non-profit Joan co-founded, and, the company John co-founded, have partnered with each other. And they are both partners of America Talks.

Join the Conversation

I invited Joan and John to join me live on Instagram to talk about their collaborative work, their friendship and their hopes for our future. That conversation is this week’s podcast.

Please watch or listen and then join the conversation. There’s still time.

America Talks is underway through Saturday, April 23rd, the next online event. You can register here.

And this year’s National Week of Conversation is April 24th through 30th, powered by the #ListenFirst Coalition of 400+ organizations, America Talks Co-creators and allies across the country.

Find out how to participate here.

If you’re still on the fence about joining the conversation, let Joan and John convince you.

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