Domestic Terrorism & the Path to Empathy

It starts with dehumanizing “the other.” It can lead to domestic terrorism. Recent headlines out of Michigan provide yet another horrifying example of how far we’ve gone astray. Those accused of plotting to kidnap and do harm to Governor Gretchen Whitmer put her humanity aside, to prove a point. Their point. Those who disagree be damned.

Are we listening, America? This is our wakeup call. Choice Number 1: Demonize those with whom we disagree and continue down the path to our mutually assured destruction. Or Choice Number 2: Pause, listen, look for and embrace the path to empathy. The path that leads us to remember our common humanity.

Jesse Morton, my guest this week, knows what it’s like to walk that path. From Jihadi terrorist to anti-terrorism activist. How did he find his way? What was the moment of humanity that changed the trajectory of his life? What can we learn from his journey?

I have turned to him before to help us understand the hatred that motivates some to do harm, and more important, what it takes to move them toward love. One person can make the difference. Let that person be you.

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