Pro Athletes, Ex-Pats, Race & The VOTE

Getting out the vote is front and center as the U.S. Presidential election draws near. But what if you’re an ex-pat living overseas? Do you know what to do and when to do it to ensure that your vote counts? It’s a question some forward-thinking, civic-minded pro athletes decided to answer. They are using their visibility and influence to inform and educate their overseas colleagues, especially the younger ones, about exercising this most sacred right, regardless of where you’re living.

There are those who believe that athletes and celebrities should stick to what they do rather than embrace all of who they are. In the case of this week’s guests on Our Voices Matter, they will definitely not “shut up and dribble.” Drew Lasker, Tim Derksen and Adam Hall play professional basketball in the UK, Switzerland and Belgium. Their season is just about to begin. Between practices, pre-season games and spending time with their families, they are beyond busy. But they are laser focused on the upcoming election back home. They are using their voices and their platforms to help fellow ex-pats navigate the complicated twists and turns of casting a ballot that will count.

They are also having courageous conversations about race and social justice. We talk about that, too, along with Drew’s business partner in 21 Podcast, Yvonne Harris. When we finished talking, I felt hopeful about our future. I hope you will, too.

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