Dialogue, Diversity & Solutions

Dialogue, Diversity & Solutions With Guest David Eisner

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If ever there were a moment in history when we are in dire need of diverse dialogue that leads to solutions, this is it. Many of you might not have heard of Convergence, but you need to know about its work and how its methodology can help all of us have #courageous conversations in our everyday lives.

For more than 11 years, this Washington, DC non-profit has brought together people with opposing points of view to talk about issues of critical national importance, and believe it or not, arrive at solutions. We’re talking education, healthcare, incarceration, economic mobility, building a better Congressional budget process and more. The folks who come to the table typically wouldn’t be caught dead together in the same room. Many of them are now friends and trusted colleagues.

There is a lot to learn here. How to build trust. How to find common ground. How not to turn your opponent into an enemy. Our guide in this conversation is David Eisner, Convergence’s new President & CEO. Let the learning begin.

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