Katie Mehnert

It isn’t every day that Mrs. Mehnert goes to Washington, but when Congress calls…well, you go!  It was a day Pink Petro and Experience Energy founder, Katie Mehnert, won’t soon forget.  Some day, when she writes her memoir, (her book is actually in the works), this will be one of many chapters that chronicle her circuitous route from being bullied as a child, to a 20-year career in big oil, to savvy entrepreneur whose mission is to change the energy narrative, bust the gender gap, and attract new talent to the industry that powers our world…and yet is vilified by so many. Piece of cake, right?! Passion and purpose are what keep her going, not to mention her 8-year old “ninja” daughter, Ally, who had the best field trip ever when mommy testified on The Hill. As one of the most prominent new faces of energy, hers is an important voice that seeks to bring us together around a topic that touches every aspect of our lives.

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