Joy Sewing

Joy Sewing

Fashion Editor, Houston Chronicle

Joy Sewing is the girlfriend you just want to hang out with. Caring, insightful, fun and funny, not to mention whip smart, being in her presence makes you believe that anything is possible; that there is always hope. She’s a rock star in so many aspects of her life; journalist, author, advocate, new foster mom, compassionate friend, and countless other hats she wears oh so stylishly. For all her accomplishments, Joy has had her share of struggles, too. Like all of us.

In her current role as Fashion Editor of the Houston Chronicle, Joy brings her whole self to every interview, giving readers so much more than a designer’s take on the latest trends from the runway. Her questions reveal the human at the core. Occasionally, she writes from a very personal space, taking readers along on her jagged journey filled with peaks, valleys, unexpected detours, and the nuggets learned along the way. Her ability to write with such authenticity is one of the reasons why I wanted to add her voice to our conversation about civility and respect for our common humanity. Hers is a voice worth listening to as we seek to heal the divides that separate us.

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