Fixing Immigration

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Fixing Immigration

What will it take to fix our broken immigration system?  It’s a contentious, highly partisan issue U.S. lawmakers have grappled with for decades.  And it’s one that is deeply personal to this week’s guest on Our Voices Matter podcast.

Stan Marek has spent the last 30 years working with local, state and national leaders to find a sensible solution to immigration reform.

The Human Face of Immigration

Much of that time is spent putting a human face on those at the center of the storm.  Fathers, mothers and children — thousands of whom he has employed through the years as President and CEO of Marek Construction.

It is their faces that drive Stan to work across deep political divides.

It is their stories that drive him to seek a fair resolution to immigration reform for Americans and immigrants, including the millions who live and work in the shadows.

The Rational Middle

Beyond his work in the political arena, Marek has put his support behind documentary filmmakers at The Rational Middle.  

The award-winning documentary and podcast series examines controversial topics, including immigration, “ensuring that the information brought to bear is accurate and surrounded by the proper context, while presenting reasonable arguments and rejecting extremist rhetoric.”

Marek is also the co-author of a new book, “Deconstructed: An Insider’s View of Illegal Immigration and the Building Trades”.

Immigrant Roots

Stan’s passion is rooted in his own immigrant story, which he shares in our conversation.  

He also offers his top three suggestions for reforming our broken system in a manner that recognizes the humanity of those who are seeking a better life.

It’s painfully clear that there are no easy answers. In fact, Stan worries that “people have given up on immigration.  They’re just waiting to see what happens next.  But I can’t give up.  I’ve got all these employees who have families…and I can’t give up for the kids…”

We can’t give up either, Stan.  The voices of those kids and their families matter.  So let’s keep this conversation going until we find a solution that works for everyone.

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