Meaningful Journalism & Why It Matters

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Meaningful Journalism & Why It Matters

The reason I became a journalist is the same reason I started this podcast:  to tell stories that matter.  To help make the world a better place.

I would argue that’s what investigative reporter Brendan Keefe does every time he takes on a topic, always with one goal in mind:  to uncover the truth.

Brendan is the Chief Investigator for WXIA, 11Alive in Atlanta, and co-founder of The Reveal, a weekly investigative show on Atlanta’s TEGNA-owned NBC affiliate.

He’s one of the most decorated investigative journalists in the country. At last count, he has a Peabody Award, a DuPont Columbia Award, six Edward R. Murrow Awards, a national Emmy Award and more than 100 regional Emmys to his name.

Changing Laws & Saving Lives

The hardware is nice, but for Brendan, it’s about the freedom that hardware buys him — the freedom to choose and follow his stories wherever they might lead.

As a result, his stories have changed laws and saved lives.

He shares several of the backstories here, including the role of 911 in the Parkland school shooting, and why he looked where other reporters didn’t.

I was eager to sit down with my former colleague from KPRC-TV to talk about the industry we both love, and to which we have dedicated our lives. 

An industry that is vital to a fully functioning democracy.  An industry that is rapidly changing.  An industry under attack.

The Future of Journalism

Why are so many young journalists leaving the business?  Is media consolidation on the horizon and what would that mean for our democracy? 

What are journalists getting right, and where can we do better?  How do we educate and engage the public about the making of good journalism so they can make informed media choices?

And as a husband and father of two, how does Brendan see the future for his children and yours?

It’s an important conversation that I hope will shed light on how meaningful journalism is crafted and delivered. And why it matters.

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