How Quitting Alcohol Saved His Life and Disrupted an Industry

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How Quitting Alcohol Saved His Life and Disrupted an Industry

My daughter and I walked into Texas’ first, non-alcoholic bottle shop to look, learn and buy.

We walked out having done all that, and feeling appreciative for an unexpected bonus — a riveting conversation that created an instant bonding with the man behind the bottles.

He shared a bit about his remarkable story, telling us how quitting alcohol saved his life and disrupted an industry.

I knew instantly he was a perfect podcast guest for Our Voices Matter.

Changing the Narrative About Alcohol

Danny Frounfelkner founded Sipple alongside his wife, Helenita, during the pandemic.

The company is on a mission to change the narrative surrounding our culture of alcohol — from “why aren’t you drinking?” to “what are you drinking?” — and their trademarked phrase, “what are you drinking today for tomorrow?”

Danny goes deep to illustrate the simple mindset shift borne of his personal experience and complicated journey with alcohol.

That journey has, at times, left him feeling “othered” for making a personal decision that is no one’s business but his own.

Unless he chooses to share. And we are fortunate that he has chosen to share with the OVM community.

Inclusivity at the Core

For more than 20 years, Danny has immersed himself in the beverage and spirits industry.

General Manager. Brand Manager. Wine Director. Sommelier. Entrepreneur. Just a few of the titles he has held in companies large and small.

He brings multiple perspectives to our conversation, but most important, he brings his humanity.

And he’s all about stories. His. Yours. Everyone’s. Because at the core of Sipple is a focus on inclusivity.

Everyone is welcome in the Sipple community. No questions asked.

So sit back, relax, sip your favorite beverage — alcohol or otherwise — and treat yourself to a refreshing look at an age old industry, ripe for disruption.

This is a judgment-free zone. Just like Sipple.

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