Loubel Galik

It’s usually in the first few words.  A story either hits you — or it doesn’t.  You decide to keep reading — or move on.  And it’s even tougher to stand out among the social media clutter that permeates our feeds.  Unless you are Loubel.  If you are fortunate enough to be her “friend”, you are treated on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day, to a slice of humanity through her eyes.  You feast, even slow down, so you can savor every morsel.  Loubel’s stories are like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates:  you never know what you’re going to get.  You just know that it’s going to be so good that you don’t want it to end.  You will have been reminded of our common humanity.  And that, my friends, is what this podcast is all about.  Indulge yourself in my conversation with Loubel Galik.

You Still Have to Share Your Fries

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