Point Counterpoint

Point Counterpoint

Left. Right. Black. White. Point. Counterpoint. And the beat goes on…

When does it stop? And who — or what — will lead the way to the nuance in the middle?

Enter 16 editorial cartoonists. 8 from the Right — 8 from the Left — led by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Nick Anderson. A changing media landscape kicked him out of his comfort zone and into an unlikely opportunity to celebrate the complexity of our humanity...through humor.

In the last few years Nick has had to search far and wide to find that humor. In this week’s episode, he takes us behind the scenes as life’s curve balls kept coming, and he kept swinging. Lucky for us, he and his cohorts are now poised to hit one out of the park with edgy, hilarious, political cartoons that just might be the ticket to a more hopeful future. And it comes in the form of an online newsletter featuring the sharpest political minds with competing perspectives on the biggest news stories of the week.

Check out Counterpoint here. But first, enjoy my conversation with Nick Anderson.

The Texas rolling-blackout crisis was entirely man-made. A 2011 report from federal regulators warned that the Texas power grid was very vulnerable to cold weather failure. But Texas created its own grid largely to avoid federal regulation. Now, Texas officials want federal help that would be entirely unnecessary if the grid was federally regulated. It’s a lot like investment banks lobbying against federal regulation, then taking enormous and irresponsible risks. What could go wrong?” – NA
“Let’s be clear: the problem here isn’t the individual teachers. Every teacher I have talked to longs to be in their classroom with all of their students, not instructing them virtually via Zoom meeting. Instead, the issue is that the teachers unions who represent them collectively are resisting the nationwide cry to resume in-person learning. The science shows the COVID-19 health risks in schools are much lower than we initially thought they would be, and teachers are getting vaccinated. More importantly, there are huge numbers of children — many in large, lower- or mixed-income public school districts — who are being actively harmed by lack of in-classroom instruction. The teachers unions’ intransigence to opening up schools is a giant middle finger to every parent — and to the nation’s children.” – NB

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