Courageous Conversation: Mental Health

Courageous Conversation: Mental Health

This week’s episode features a Courageous Conversation about mental health. It was recorded a few days before the breathtaking revelations from Meghan Markle that she had considered suicide. The subject of mental health is too often taboo, but this week’s guest on Our Voices Matter is on a mission to change that. The courage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in talking openly about their personal experience will, no doubt, shed further light on the importance of this mission.

Josh Donaldson is the Founder and CEO of When The Music Stops, a non-profit aimed at helping those struggling with depression, anxiety and suicide. People like him. People like Meghan.

The CDC statistics are startling: In 2020, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. For those between the ages of 10 and 34, it was the second leading cause of death. The pandemic is only making it worse.

Josh came dangerously close to being one of those statistics. He was literally unable to find his voice and ask for help in his most desperate moment. He is now embracing the second chance he was given by sharing his story and helping others find their way out of the darkness. Where does one begin? By listening, Josh says, because at the root of so much profound pain is a loss of human connection.

As you know, that’s what Our Voices Matter is all about. Connection. Humanity. Love. If you are struggling, Josh’s story is for you.