This is MY Judge

This is MY Judge

What causes a defendant, sent to prison by a judge, to say with affection and respect, “This is MY judge?” Judge Leonia Lloyd answers that question in this week’s episode of Our Voices Matter podcast. Spoiler alert: humanity is at the core of her answer.

Judge Lloyd’s remarkable career spans more than four decades, first as a teacher, then as an attorney and judge. She took that journey with her twin sister, Leona, by her side. The book, “Your Honor, Your Honor: A Journey Through Grief to Restorative Justice”, chronicles their life growing up in Detroit, Michigan, and how lessons learned helped shape how they ran their classrooms and their courtrooms. How they spoke to defendants who appeared before them. How they administered justice. How they engaged with and empowered their community.

The book is also a love letter from Leonia to Leona, who passed away suddenly in the prime of their lives. As I read the book and then interviewed Leonia, I could feel the extraordinary bond she shared with her twin. I could see how they turned racism on its ugly head and charted their course, refusing to quit. And I was inspired by their sense of purpose and connection to their fellow humans.

So, why would an ex-convict respectfully declare: “This is MY Judge?” Watch and listen as Judge Leonia Lloyd shares her brand of restorative justice to make this world a better place.


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