How GenZ Leaders are Strengthening our Democracy

“We cannot coexist if we cannot talk to each other — it’s that simple.”

And that complicated. Yet the leaders of BridgeUSA are determined to meet the challenge.

This 7 year-old non-profit is “building a student movement to bring the country together”, led by a dynamic CEO and return guest to Our Voices Matter, Manu Meel.

Lessons Learned

When we first spoke with Manu over a year ago, he was about to embark upon a nationwide campaign across college campuses, aptly called “Let’s F*#king Talk to Each Other“.

I was eager to find out how it went, what lessons were learned, and how the organization is making progress in its mission to fight political division.

Manu more than delivers in this follow-up conversation, offering perspective and insight that belie his youth.

And perhaps most important, he offers hope. I don’t know about you, but I sure need some of that.

The Hopeful Majority

There’s even a bit of breaking news: Manu and BridgeUSA are joining the world of podcasting.

“The Hopeful Majority” podcast launches May 29th.

As a member of the OVM community, I’m sure you join me in welcoming Manu to this space.

We certainly need more amplification of our majority voices in the middle, the 80% who are far too often drowned out by the extreme voices that drive our political narrative.

Yes, our voices matter, too.

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