How Art, Activism & the Power of Listening Create Change

How Art, Activism & the Power of Listening Create Change

Talking with Jordan Seaberry is like wrapping up in a warm blanket on a frigid, winter night.

You still feel the cold, but the softness enveloping you takes the edge off.

Our chaotic world churns constantly, spewing more mayhem, but somehow, we still have hope.

Jordan and others of his generation give me the sense that ultimately, we’ll be ok.

What is an Artist?

But not without doing the work, and Jordan is among many, spectacular millennials leading the way.

He wears numerous hats. Painter, educator and legislative advocate with a law degree.

Director of the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture.

And just like another famous Chicagoan from the South Side, he’s an organizer.

It’s a beautiful blueprint for making lasting change, and fits right into Jordan’s definition of an artist: “An artist is someone who blurs distinctions between fields.”

It Starts With Listening

Whether painting or teaching — advocating or organizing — Jordan’s approach to all of his work starts with listening.

As the host of this podcast who regularly asks you to have the “courage to listen“, now you know why I was so eager to have him on the show.

Jordan’s authenticity and empathy are on full display as he shares a fascinating backstory that connects to the responsibility he feels as an artist.

A responsibility to recognize the dignity of all things and to be an integral part of the community.

What an honor to welcome him to the Our Voices Matter community. Enjoy!

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