How Humor Leads to Hope for Humanity

How Humor Leads to Hope for Humanity

I can hear my dad saying it now: “I have to laugh to keep from crying.” As a little girl, I didn’t quite get it.

But now I do. And it’s safe to say, these days, that’s how most of us feel.

Up is down. Fake is real. Fact is fiction. The world has gone mad.

And we’re all choosing sides — scared to death of what this chaos means for our future.

So. How to cope with it all?…

My guest this week chooses laughter over tears. And he’s talented enough to bring us along for the ride.

Storied History

This week, our nation made history with the arrest and arraignment of the 45th President of the United States.

Certainly, no laughing matter.

But then a political cartoon from Nick Anderson hit my inbox.

I was reminded of the long and storied history of this creative art form, under attack in recent years.

And why I asked Nick to sit down with me shortly after he and a group of fellow Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists launched Counterpoint a couple of years ago.

8 from the Right. 8 from the Left. Churning out an online newsletter with competing cartoons about the biggest stories of the day. Including the one from this week.

The Power of Political Cartoons

As Counterpoint continues to thrive, Nick’s contributions to the political landscape now extend to his role as Managing Editor of Reform Austin News.

And while he and his team of investigative journalists help Texans understand state politics and politicians, his sketch pad remains by his side.

As stated in Counterpoint, “Political cartoons have shaped our country from its earliest days.

They create the kind of political environment our country needs right now: a balanced, uncensored debate with enough humor to make these critical topics approachable for the dinner table, and to invite healthy discussions among friends.

A nation divided by opinion cannot stand, but a nation composed of diverse opinions and lively debate will land on the best possible consensus. Cartoons can help us get there.”

We need all the help we can get.


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