How to Belong, Not Just Fit In

How to Belong, Not Just Fit In

It’s been inspiring to see our friends in the LGBTQ+ community celebrate and be celebrated during Pride Month.

Though, I must say I long for the day when we don’t need a specific month to acknowledge the humanity of those who are marginalized.

No matter who we love, what our race, how we pray or how we identify, we matter. We are human. We belong.

But until that day, I am grateful for each month that shines a spotlight on stories too often overlooked.

Stories that teach us and show us the full, beautiful complexity of what makes us human.

An Unlikely Story Unfolds

As Pride Month 2023 wraps up, I was reminded of a delightful and enlightening conversation I had with two men determined to figure out how to belong, not just fit in.

Chih Lin’s posts on LinkedIn caught my attention a couple of years ago. So, I reached out and before I knew it, I was interviewing him and his husband, Michael Dorsey.

My first question: What on earth possessed two engineers to ditch their corporate jobs in oil and gas, take a leap of faith and launch a business making dumplings

And from there, the unlikely story unfolds, taking us along on their quest to simply be who they are.

To stop twisting themselves into knots, just to fit in.

What would it feel like to truly belong?

Because they took that leap of faith, now they know.

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