RACE To Be Human

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RACE To Be Human

What is race?  What is racism? How can schools and companies address racism?

Scilla Andreen is on a mission to answer these questions and more in her soon to be released documentary, “RACE To Be Human”.

Andreen is an award-winning producer, director and CEO/Co-Founder of IndieFlix. The global streaming and screening service provides content for a purpose. 

She is also an Emmy-nominated costume designer for the original TV series, “The Wonder Years”.

That was the beginning of a long and storied resume that now includes creating films to engage, empower and teach communities, schools and corporations

The goal:  to help us lead happier, healthier and more connected lives.

Tackling Tough Topics

Connection, of course, is key.  That ever-elusive element when tackling tough topics — like race. 

Andreen’s approach is rooted in the belief that you must meet people where they are.  From there, you can foster conversations that lead to trust and understanding.

“RACE To Be Human” shows us the impact of racism on our mental health through the lens of students, experts and educators.

It’s a powerful film that is meant to open discussions in the classroom, the workplace and at home, promoting empathy, healing and compassion.

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

In January of 2021, I did an Our Voices Matter podcast episode called “What Does It Mean To Be Human?

I was compelled that day to share my raw, unfiltered thoughts in response to the assault of a previous podcast guest.

One year later, Andreen’s brilliant documentary addresses that same question in a different way.

The courage and vulnerability exhibited by the young people who share their stories is breathtaking.

Our job is to listen and believe what they say.

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