Rising Above With Joy

Scott Hamilton’s life is a master class in how to rise above with joy.

Many know him from his iconic career as an Olympic and world figure skating champion — and that backflip he made famous. He holds a whopping 70 titles. He’s also in both the U.S. Olympic and World Figure Skating Halls of Fame.

Others have followed his cancer journey and advocacy for those walking that same path. The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation is now more than 20 years strong.

But there is so much more to this man who describes his start in life as “unplanned and unwanted”. As you will see in our wide-ranging, emotional conversation, he was also undeterred and undaunted by the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Time after time, it would have been so easy to quit. But that word is not in his vocabulary. Words like honor, respect, humility, resilience and love rule the day in Scott’s world. And that is what he and his wife, Tracie, are teaching their four children, two of whom were adopted from Haiti.

I asked him what it’s like to raise a mixed race family in today’s America. He did not hold back.

We talked about the lessons he’s learned and how he’s equipping his children to lead a life of purpose fueled by empathy and joy.

And we explored his next venture, the Scott Hamilton CARES EncourageX Collection (launching May 21st). It’s a natural extension of his life’s work encouraging others along their journey.

On a personal note, what a pleasure it is to meet someone you’ve admired and find they are exactly as you envisioned. Warm. Humble. Courageous. Vulnerable. Not to mention, Inspiring.

Every day Scott Hamilton chooses to rise above with joy, regardless of what comes his way. What could be more inspiring than that?



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