Leading With Love

Leading With Love with Kam Franklin

Anyone who lives her life leading with love has my utmost respect and admiration. Add in a ridiculous amount of talent, intellect and empathy and you can count me as a super fan. Kam Franklin, lead singer of the Houston band, The Suffers, has been making music for more than ten years now. As you will hear in this week’s episode, in life and in music, Kam leads with love.

My conversation with Kam is timely for a couple of reasons. She’s a featured performer in “America’s Table” set to air this Saturday evening at 8pm central on KPRC-TV. She’s also got some new music coming out as a solo artist and with her band. We also delve into her backstory that includes terrific insight for aspiring artists.

The slow and steady grind of playing gigs around the country led to Kam and The Suffers appearing on David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Daily Show. As they toured the country pre-COVID, they not only built their fan base, they also got an up close and personal look at the good, bad and ugly of America. Kam’s astute observations are eye-opening and a testament to how much more work lies ahead of us to simply accept each other for who we are.

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, like so many of us, I’ve been thinking about what I’m thankful for in this dumpster fire of a year. The list is long, starting with my family and our health. Not far behind is the opportunity to share meaningful conversations with you through this podcast. I believe in my heart of hearts that the way out of the anger and division enveloping us is through human connection. Talking. Listening. And, like Kam, leading with love.



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