What Millennials and Gen Z Want Boomers to Know

It’s no secret that sometimes we just don’t “get” each other. There’s a disconnect between the generations.

That in itself certainly isn’t new.

But what seems, or at least feels different, is the fragility of the systems on which we depend — and the urgency of figuring out how to save ourselves…from ourselves…

So that a livable world with a thriving society will still be here for Millennials, Gen Z and future generations.

Boomers, it’s time for us to listen.

And that’s exactly what we’ll do in this new OVM series, “Across the Generations.”

Kitchen Table Talk

The idea came to me while having conversations with my 28 year-old Millennial daughter who recently moved back home for a short while.

We sit around the kitchen table and talk about everything. Jobs. Climate Change. The Environment. Mental Health. Dating. Marriage and Family. Race. Social Justice. Politics.

The more I learned from Lindsey, the more I listened. And the more I wanted to hear from more young people.

Those who will inherit the divisive, chaotic, stressed-to-the-max planet we are leaving them.

What are they thinking? What do they want us to know? What can we learn from them? And how can we connect across ALL generations, cultures and races — as humans?

Rule Breaker

My amazing daughter, Lindsey Lorelle Gregory, graciously agreed to kick off the series with me, laying down a few ground rules — which I promptly broke!

I really didn’t mean to, but we taped our first conversation on the 2nd anniversary of the January 6th insurrection. So…

You’ll have to tune in to see where our conversation goes — and catch my grand-pup, Layla’s cameo appearance.

Looking Ahead

Lindsey and I barely scratched the surface, which means there will be Linda & Lindsey/Part 2 in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, the series will include other parent/child duos, as well as young individuals making their mark in a variety of industries.

They really do give me hope for our future.

Can’t wait to share these stories with you as we connect Across the Generations.

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