Why “It Starts With Love” is the Perfect Album Title and Message to Humanity

Why “It Starts With Love” is the Perfect Album Title and Message to Humanity

The message comes from Millennial recording artist, Kam Franklin, and her band, The Suffers.

Kam, the Houston band’s lead singer, lives her life leading with love — and the truth, even when it isn’t pretty.

I became a Kam super fan after sitting down with her for the podcast in November of 2020. Her talent, intellect and empathy toward others on full display.

Surviving the Pandemic

Still in full-blown pandemic mode at that time, Kam and The Suffers did everything in their power to keep the band and their music alive.

Fast forward to June of 2022 and the release of “It Starts With Love“, their third studio album reflecting the hard work and hard truths of life.

Our conversation touches on the band’s experiences touring the country pre-COVID, and Kam’s astute, eye-opening observations of how we treat each other as humans.

And how much more work lies ahead of us to simply accept each other for who we are.

Celebrating Life

For all of the truth-telling in The Suffers’ music, there’s an equal dose of celebrating this crazy, fun, messy life we are all living.

You should check out some of their appearances on David LettermanJimmy Kimmel Live andThe Daily Show.

But only after you check out this episode that captures the essence of who Kam Franklin is, what my generation has to learn from hers, and the secret to healing what ails us.

Spoiler alert: It Starts With Love.

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